SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard

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The SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard has taken the science of mouthguards to a whole other level by combining market-leading dental protection and HitSense Technology. The SISU Sense is not only custom fit and remouldable (like you have come to expect from all SISU Mouthguards), but its HitSense Technology measures every hit and impact an athlete absorbs and then transmits the information into measurable data on the SISU Sense phone app.

HITSENSE TECHNOLOGY: Using a three-axis accelerometer and a high-performance wireless processor, the SISU Sense records when each major, or minor impact occurs. The record of impacts is transferred wirelessly to the SISU Sense app for review and long-term impact monitoring.

THE SISU SENSE APP: The mouthguard is activated from sleep mode (by the oral temperature or manually when turned on through the app) and then constantly monitors for G-force changes and records anytime a hit above 15G occurs. The mouthguard holds this data until it is near the SISU Sense App (approximately 10 metres). The app will then report the data at two levels: hits above 15G (minor impacts) and hits above 40G (major impacts). These two thresholds have been reported in literature to be statistically relevant for monitoring impact forces (90% of hits are over 15G and 10% of hits are over 40G).

DENTAL FACTS: At 2.4mm thin, the SISU Sense allows players to have the best mouth guard on the market with the lowest number of dental injuries (1/25,000). Like all SISU Mouthguards, it is made from a special reinforced thermoplastic material that has shape memory, so that it can be remoulded multiple times with ease (simply pop the guard back into hot water and it will return to its original form). The high-tech multi-functional thermoplastic polymer material has a high storage modulus and tear strength and acts like an impenetrable shield that protects an athlete's teeth. On top of the mouthguard technology, SISU offers up to a $50,000 dental warranty for that extra added layer of protection.

BATTERY & SAFETY: There is no need to remember to charge the mouthguard before a game or go without protection due to a low charge. The state of the art low power components of SISU Sense provide one season’s worth of use (approximately 170 hours) without the need for charging. The battery is completely sealed within the mouthguard and provides no maintenance or safety monitoring.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: The SISU Sense App also allows you to set up an emergency contact. Your emergency contact will receive a text message when your SISU Sense has recorded a ‘major impact’, so that further awareness and monitoring can occur if required.

SISU Mouthguard Case included.

*The SISU Sense app is currently only available for iOS devices (Apple). The Android app is in development.*