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TrueLight Vibration Device

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The TrueLight Vibration Device helps anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment by removing air gaps between teeth and aligners for a better control of teeth movement. In turn, this allows for a faster progression of the orthodontic treatment period and more consistent and predictable results.

The TrueLight device uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) in the infrared and red spectrums, which are medically proven to increase circulation, enhance gum health, and relieve pain for people with braces or aligners. To increase those effects, gentle vibrations at a frequency of 30Hz have been added.

The non-UV blue lights also increase the effectiveness of whitening gels by removing tannic stains from coffee, tea and wine, and leaving whiter teeth.

The one piece TrueLight Vibration Device only needs to be used for 5 minutes per day for improved orthodontic results and is 100% waterproof.