How Does An Aligner Removal Tool Help?

Using your fingers versus using an aligner removal tool.

Quite often patients that are just starting their orthodontic aligner journey grossly underestimate just how tightly their aligners will fit against their teeth. The concept is that a well fitting aligner will move the teeth into position more efficiently (and potentially at a faster rate), so a tight feeling aligner is actually doing exactly what it needs to.

Unfortunately, this often makes those first few removal attempts quite a stressful occasion; particularly if you have multiple aligner attachments. The struggle of wondering how you can get your fingers in your mouth in some very odd positions to hopefully ‘unclick’ the aligner from both sides will often take quite a bit of time, frustration and trial and error. This is often the point when most orthodontic patients will start researching how others have overcome this issue and end up being directed towards an aligner removal tool. There are also some aligner users that simply don’t want to risk the potential of ruining their painted and manicured nails.
Firstly, we would like to mention that fingers buried deep into your mouth is not always the nicest look and it certainly can bring some hygiene concerns into play, so it wouldn’t be our chosen method.
An aligner removal tool on the other hand, is not only far more hygienic but the process of removal couldn’t be simpler. We’ve actually had our customers tell us that this simple little tool is life changing because they were having so much trouble removing their aligners previously.

Why are aligner removal tools so effective?

Aligner removal tools have a hook at a carefully designed angle to make getting in and under the aligner that much easier. Your finger simply goes through the other ring end to ‘unclick’ each side of the aligner and then removing the front part of the aligner lastly. This process is very gentle to the teeth and gums and is much more discreet than using the fingers in the mouth option.  

Aligner Removal Tool
We sell and endorse the OrthoKey Aligner Removal Tool and here’s why:

  • The scientifically designed hook of OrthoKey removes aligners and Invisalign easily
  • Discreet use without putting your fingers in your mouth
  • Ergonomic multi grip design
  • Can be used on upper or lower aligners
  • Can be used with aligner buttons and attachments
  • Fits in most aligner cases for use when out in public
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned
  • Certified lead, BPA and phthalate free

It’s important to note that not every aligner removal tool is created equal and cheap imitations may not have a correctly angled hook, which can create a more painful experience or may break after only a few uses. You will want to research an aligner removal tool that will last your whole orthodontic journey and may consider purchasing 2 for at home and on the go use.

Our biggest recommendation: purchase an aligner removal tool before you start your aligner journey. You will be glad you did!