Clenchy Aligner Seater APAC Dental
Clenchy Aligner Seater APAC Dental
Dental Chewies: Clenchy Aligner Seaters (remove aligner air gaps)
Dental Chewies: Clenchy Aligner Seaters (remove aligner air gaps)
Combo Pack C (OrthoKey & Clenchy) APAC Dental

Dental Chewies: Clenchy Aligner Seaters (remove aligner air gaps)

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Biting down on a Clenchy Aligner Seater (known as aligner chewies) will help the aligners fit more closely to your teeth by removing air gaps and spaces caught in between the aligner. The results not only enable you to progress through your treatment at a faster rate, but also help relieve tension and discomfort while your teeth are shifting into new positions.

Key Features:

  • Elongated design makes them easier to hold than other chewies options
  • Flat side is ideal for front teeth and curved side is ideal for molars 
  • Fits is most aligner cases
  • Low cost and will last an entire aligner treatment
  • Hygienic and can be cleaned easily unlike other chewies options that can harbour bacteria
  • Sleek stylish design for discreet use
  • The Clenchy With Hook allows you to effortlessly remove your aligner as well

Clenchy Aligner Seaters are a revolutionary new seating option for patients being treated with clear aligners. Developed from the need for a more comfortable and efficient way to remove air gaps between patient’s teeth and clear aligner trays. Clenchy is easier to hold and more hygienic than other available options. Its elongated design with both curved and flat surfaces effortlessly sets orthodontic aligners into place.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The dual-sided surface is made of a firm and flexible material provides an easy chewing option to seat aligners.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Clenchy Aligner Seaters comfortably and efficiently closes air gaps between teeth and clear aligners, so you have no reason not to use them on a consistent basis.

LOW COST: Budget-friendly pricing and each Clenchy Aligner Seater lasts patients longer than comparable products.

Each pack contains 2x Clenchy Aligners Seaters for added value.


2x OrthoKey Aligner Removal Tool
1x Clenchy Aligner Seater (2 Pack)

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