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The SISU 3D Mouthguard is the quickest and easiest mouthguard to fit in the SISU range. Ideal for atheletes that are playing high impact sports (Rugby, Basketball, AFL, etc.), but would like optimum mouthguard comfort at the back of their teeth. Due to the ease of fitting, the SISU 3D is also recommended if you are fitting the guard on someone else (eg. child or dental patient) or if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

Easy, effortless fitting!

SISU Mouthguards are known for their unmatched protection, comfort, cleanliness, and remouldability. SISU 3D improves on previous SISU models by creating a preformed shape that significantly enhances the fitting process, which also provides greater fitting accuracy. The variable material thickness from the front (2.4mm) through to the back (1.6mm) will also put protection where it is needed and comfort where it is desired.

Size: One size fits most
Athlete Height: Over 150cm
Mouth Size: Average mouths
Ages: 7+ years


CUSTOM FIT: Simply place the SISU 3D Mouthguard in a bowl of hot water to start the custom-fit process at home. The SISU guard will become pliable, so that you can easily mould your mouthguard to the exact custom fit for your teeth.

REMOULDABLE: Didn’t get the fit right the first time? Simply place the SISU 3D back into hot water; it will return to its flat form. The SISU guards are remouldable up to 20 times, so they are also ideal for anyone progressing through their aligner treatments.

DENTAL WARRANTY: Your teeth deserve an insurance policy as well, so with up to a $50,000 dental warranty you know you will be protected.

TALK, BREATHE & DRINK: The custom fit SISU 3D is 2.4mm thick at the front and 1.6mm thin at the back of the teeth to ensure that you can talk, breathe and drink with ease. You will find that communicating on the field or court will become that much easier with a SISU Mouthguard.

The SISU 3D Mouthguard can be used with braces. Simply purchase a guard and ask your orthodontist to fit it for you.

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The mouth guard is amazing

It's sooo light it's frightening, it hugs my teeth so well I don't even need to take it out mid session to speak or drink water, I'm head over heels in love with it