The SISU Mouthguard Advantage (Diffusix Technology)

Why you should buy a SISU Sports Mouthguard:

SISU Mouthguards are revolutionising mouthguard technology by creating a thin custom fit that won’t inhibit your sporting performance. We all know how important a dental mouthguard is, but the ability to breathe and talk easily on the field, court or boxing ring will make sure that you are happy to wear a SISU mouthguard. A well fitted mouthguard is your teeth’s saviour when a strong impact comes barrelling towards you, so the SISU Mouthguards allow you to custom fit your mouthguard to the exact fit for your teeth (without the hefty cost of a dental made mouthguard).

 5 Key SISU Mouthguard Features:

  1. STRENGTH: 8 times tougher and 30-50% stronger than conventional mouthguards.
  2. COMFORT: Super slim at 1.6mm-2.4mm thick throughout the SISU Mouthguard range.
  3. WARRANTY: A market leading warranty up to $50,000 when registered.
  4. REMOULDABILITY: Remouldable up to 20 times for convenience and a long term custom fit.
  5. FREEDOM: Doesn’t inhibit sporting performance. Talk, breathe and drink with ease.

Diffusix Technology:

Diffusix Technology works with unique impact-absorbing perforations and special ‘crumple zones’ to redirect the forces towards scientifically engineered and reinforced parts of the guard.

Conventional Mouthguard ProtectionSISU Sports Mouthguard Protection

Energy Absorbing Crumple Zones:

Just like a bridge is built in compartments that can move slightly, SISU Mouthguards oscillate under impact and absorb impact forces. Energy is directed away from the teeth and into the specially designed crumple zones

Higher Tensile Strength:

Tensile strength describes the maximum stress the material can sustain before failure. The range of tensile strength of SISU material is at least 30% higher when compared to EVA, which is used in most over the counter mouthguards.

Minimal Deformation:

The SISU material with a storage modulus of 450Mpa, has the capacity to dissipate 10 times more energy in the form of rebound energy than EVA, with a storage modulus of 40MPa.


SISU Mouthguards: Scientifically designed to provide maximum dental protection and optimum athlete comfort.