Fitting A SISU Mouthguard With Braces

STOP! Fitting A SISU Mouthguard With Braces:

Anyone with braces or aligner attachments should have their SISU Mouthguard fitted by their orthodontist at one of their future checkup appointments. It is important that the SISU Mouthguard does not become entangled with your orthodontic wires or attachments when it is pliable, so your orthodontist will be able to create a sufficient barrier (using dental wax, aluminium foil strips or impression guards) to ensure the correct fit. Do not fit the SISU Mouthguard yourself if you have braces or aligner attachments. When booking your next orthodontic appointment, provide your orthodontist with a copy of our SISU Mouthguard Fitting With Braces letter to provide them with some extra information they need. Our dentist is always more than happy to help your orthodontist understand the best way to fit your new SISU Mouthguard.