Is a thick mouthguard better? A thin mouthguard may offer better protection.

Sports Mouthguards

A bulky mouthguard versus thin mouthguard.

The traditional concept and logic that a chunky mouthguard will offer better protection during sport is finally being dispelled, as consumers realise that mouthguard design and impact zones are far more important when determining the desired material thickness. Quite simply, a thinner mouthguard with proven strength testing claims will probably offer more protection for your teeth and be a lot more comfortable to wear.

Mouthguard engineering has become a part of next generation technologies and looks at where impact zones are most likely to occur and where to strategically place crumple zones to carry that force away from the teeth. During sport, your front teeth are most likely to receive the direct effects of a physical collision, so creating impact zones through design and perforations will enable the force to travel through the entire mouthguard and into crumple zones. What does this mean for you? A scientifically engineered thin mouthguard that will lessen the impact effect on your teeth whilst also protecting them, so that you can continue to focus on your opposition instead of your teeth.

Mouthguard Crumple Zones for Impact Dispersion

 Mouthguard impact zones and crumple zones are important design factors in new mouthguard technology.

Need more convincing? Mouthguard technology goes beyond dental protection and discovers design opportunities to make the guard more comfortable without loosing any protection value. A well designed mouthguard does not need to be thick at the back of your teeth and may offer a variable thickness from front to back. We see it all the time; athletes and even professional athletes refusing to wear a mouthguard because it isn’t comfortable or they feel like they can’t talk or breathe properly, so they think their mouthguard is inhibiting their performance. If this sounds like you or if you are constantly taking your mouthguard out between plays, then we would recommend looking further into a thin mouthguard that has the latest technology to support it.

Our recommendation is to always wear a mouthguard; however, we all know that you or your child are more likely to wear one for the whole season if it feels secure and comfortable.

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SISU 3D Sports Mouthguard Design and Engineering
The SISU 3D Sports Mouthguard offers the latest mouthguard technology and is custom fit.

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