How To Fit a SOVA Night Guard

Your new SOVA Night Guard is designed to protect your teeth from teeth grinding and jaw clenching, so the right custom fit is essential for optimum product performance and for a better night's sleep. Don't forget that each SOVA Night Guard comes with moulding and fitting instructions, as well as warranty registration information.

Read the step by step fitting instructions or view the fitting videos below.

SOVA 3D Fitting Video:

SOVA Flat Fitting Video (Aero, Max or Junior):


 How to fit your SOVA Night Guard:

Fitting Checklist:

  • Bowl, ceramic or glass (not plastic)
  • Hot, but not boiling, water (95 °C - it is expected that the temperature will drop throughout the fitting process)
  • Fork or similar utensil (not plastic)
  • Mirror


  • Do not use boiling water to mould your night guard
  • Do not stretch the material - the material will tear
  • Do not use if damaged
  • Do not suck in air too enthusiastically - your guard will be too tight
  • Do not bite down too hard or create deep bite marks when the guard is pliable

 1. Wash your hands and the material with mild soap and water. Heat water to about 95°C in a kettle, on the stove top or in a microwave oven. Immerse the night guard in hot, but not boiling water until the material becomes soft and pliable (30-60 seconds). Once soft, use a non-plastic utensil to carefully lift your SOVA Night Guard out of the water.

2. DO NOT let the softened night guard fold on itself – the material will glue together, making it difficult to reshape.

3. Holding the night guard with both hands, carefully insert into your mouth. Make sure the guard does not fold in on itself.

4. SOVA 3D: Once the guard is in the proper position, close your lips over the guard and put your tongue onto the roof of your mouth.

SOVA Aero, Max or Junior: Use a mirror. Mould it against the front of the teeth with your fingertips and up on the sides to the gum line to create the shield. Make sure most of the material is on the outside of the teeth. The material will not extend to the gum line.

Bite down gently – do not make deep teeth marks.

5. Create suction by gently swallowing until the material has hardened to a snug, perfect fit. Keep the SOVA Night Guard in your mouth for 3-5 minutes to allow the shape to set. After the night guard is set, it should be snug enough that it won’t fall off your teeth when you open your mouth, but should not feel uncomfortable.


Unhappy with your fit? NO PROBLEM! Every SOVA Night Guard is remouldable up to 20 times. Simply place your formed SOVA Night Guard back in the hot water and start again.

STOP! Fitting A SOVA Night Guard With Braces:

Anyone with braces or aligner attachments should have their SOVA Night Guard fitted by their orthodontist at one of their future checkup appointments. It is important that the SOVA Night Guard does not become entangled with your orthodontic wires or attachments when it is pliable, so your orthodontist will be able to create a sufficient barrier (using dental wax, aluminium foil strips or impression guards) to ensure the correct fit. Do not fit the SOVA Night Guard yourself if you have braces or aligner attachments. When booking your next orthodontic appointment, provide your orthodontist with a copy of our SOVA Night Guard Fitting With Braces letter to provide them with some extra information they need. Our dentist is always more than happy to help your orthodontist understand the best way to fit your new SOVA Night Guard.