SOVA Night Guards Frequently Asked Questions

Which SOVA Night Guard should I choose?

The SOVA 3D Night Guard is the quickest and easiest guard to fit in the SOVA range. Ideal for anyone looking for a convenient custom-fit solution, is a first time night guard user or if you are fitting the guard on someone else (eg. child or dental patient). Due to the ease of fitting, the SOVA 3D is also recommended for people with a sensitive gag reflex.

The SOVA Aero Night Guard is the most popular night guard in our range. It is an adult sized guard (ages 11+) that is designed to protect your teeth from teeth grinding or jaw clenching at night. The SOVA Aero is 1.6mm thin, so it is also ideal for first time night guard users. The SOVA Aero is also recommended for customers needing a night guard that are also undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The SOVA Max Night Guard is 2.4mm thin adult sized guard that offers greater protection for severe teeth grinders or jaw clenching.

The SOVA Junior Night Guard is designed as a temporary solution for children ages 6-11 that grind their teeth at night. The guard is 1.6mm thin and can also be used by adults that have a very narrow jaw line.

Why is my SOVA Night Guard not becoming pliable when put into hot water?

If your SOVA Night Guard is not becoming pliable you will need to make the water hotter. The guard should become noticeably pliable within approximately 30 seconds. Be careful when removing your guard from the bowl of water, as it will be hot.

Why did my SOVA Junior Night Guard not go translucent like the instructional videos?

The SOVA Junior is designed to stay white when put into hot water. You will know when the guard is ready to be moulded by picking it appears pliable when picking it up with a fork.

Why does my SOVA Night Guard feel very tight against my teeth?

Your SOVA Night Guard should be snug but comfortable; a well fitted night guard will require you to remove the guard with your hand (not by your tongue). However, if your SOVA Night Guard is feeling too tight then there is a chance you created too much suction during the fitting process. If this is the case, simply put the SOVA guard back into hot water and start the fitting process again (creating only a gentle suction). Be sure to keep your night guard in your mouth for the entire fitting process and while it is cooling down (3-5 minutes); otherwise, the pliable guard may shrink slightly in on itself as it becomes hard again.

Can a SOVA Night Guard be used with braces?

Yes. The SOVA Aero and SOVA Max can be used with braces when fitted by your orthodontist (the SOVA Junior is not compatible with braces). It is important that your orthodontist puts a barrier between your brackets and the guard during the fitting process (impressions guards are available through our wholesale website). The SOVA Night Guard range are an excellent choice for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment, as the guard can be remoulded up to 20 times as the teeth move into new positions.

How can I tell if my SOVA Night Guard is fitted properly?

  • If your night guard is fitted properly you should not be able to remove it with your tongue and it will feel like the guard ‘clicks’ into place
  • Do not stretch the holes! Stretching them can compromise the integrity of the guard and will void the dental warranty.
  • It is crucial that your teeth are properly aligned and centred with the bite pad of the night guard, place them on the area where there are no perforations.
  • Your guard should cover the outer surfaces of your teeth and not the roof of your mouth.
  • With a properly fitted SOVA, you should be able to speak almost completely naturally.

Do SOVA Night Guards come with a warranty?

Yes. Each SOVA Night Guard comes with a 120 day durability warranty. We recommend registering your SOVA to ensure that you purchase date and warranty information are safely stored with the manufacturer.

How Long Will My SOVA Last?

It all depends on how well you take care of it. Cleaning it after each use with an oral device cleaning spray will extend the life of your night guard considerably. Keeping it clean and letting it dry before storing will keep the germs at bay. The material itself will withstand harsh biting and chewing, but we still recommend you replace your SOVA Night Guard after 6-9 months to make sure that you have a perfect night guard every time you use it.

Can I wear a SOVA Night Guard on my bottom teeth as well?

You can certainly wear a SOVA Night Guard on your both top and bottom teeth. It's a matter of preference. Wearing two will give you even better protection.