The SOVA Night Guard Advantage (Diffusix Technology)

Why you should choose a SOVA Night Guard:

The scientifically designed perforations and crumple zones prevent the forces of teeth grinding and jaw clenching to relieve pain and reduce the likelihood of dental injury. The perforations oscillate on impact and carry those forces towards the crumple zones and away from your teeth.

Using this technology means that the SOVA Night Guards are on average 30-50% stronger and thinner than traditional EVA sleep mouthguards, which create a much more comfortable fit.

The perforations also act to allow the natural flow of air and saliva, which is of the utmost importance for maintaining deep cycle sleeping patterns.

SOVA Night Guard: The best teeth grinding guard

Technology Meets Comfort:

1. Perforations provide a perfect custom fit, which allow the guard to stay in place.

2. The ultra thin thermoplastic polymer material is remouldable and biodegradable.

3. Diffusix technology absorbs and diffuses the impact forces of grinding and clenching.

4. Crumple zones ensure maximum protection from bruxism and clenching.

5. Stronger and more durable than traditional EVA night guard materials and made to last.

6. Perforations allow the natural flow of air and saliva for a peaceful night sleep.

Storage Modulus: 

 Storage Modulus SOVA Night Guards

The SOVA material with a storage modulus of 450 MPa, has the capacity to dissipate 10 times more energy in the form of rebound energy than EVA, which has a storage modulus of 40 MPa.

Shore D Hardness:

Shore D Hardness SOVA Night Guards

Shore D hardness measures the hardness of semi rigid/hard plastics and indicates the resistance of a material to indentation. The SOVA material has a higher Shore D hardness; making it more difficult to indent.

SOVA Night Guards: Scientifically designed to relieve the pain and discomfort of teeth grinding and jaw clenching.