How does a night guard work?

Teeth Grinding Night Guards

If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night, then it is likely that a night guard (or sleep mouthguard) is the solution you are needing. A night guard may be a temporary requirement or a long term solution and should be fitted as soon as you notice signs or symptoms of grinding/clenching.

How does a night guard work?

  1. It creates a barrier between the teeth to prevent any further damage to your teeth.
  2. A hard night guard helps to disengage the jaw muscles to reduce severity and occurrence.
  3. Diffuses the impact forces across the entire guard to prevent tension headaches and jaw pain caused by clenching.
  4. You (and your partner) get a better night’s sleep without interruption as the jaw muscles relax and the grinding sound is eliminated.
  5. Saves you money from further damage to your teeth that would require dental intervention.

What is the best night guard for teeth grinding?

  1. Choose a hard night guard that can be custom fit to your teeth. It will offer greater protection and be more comfortable. See our ‘Should a night guard be hard or soft’ blog.
  2. A custom fit night guard should allow you to 'imprint' your upper and lower teeth to maintain the correct bite position for your jaw.
  3. Use a ‘thin’ hard night guard (particularly for first time night guard users). A bulky night guard will feel uncomfortable and may change your breathing habits (eg. becoming a mouth breather).
  4. A remouldable hard night guard may be an ideal solution, as it means you can take multiple attempts to find the right fit. A person will quite often fit a night guard too tightly on their first attempt and will want to adjust.
  5. Consider your air flow and saliva movement. This is a subconscious action during sleep, so a hard night guard that allows for natural air and saliva movement will improve your sleep quality when you have the night guard in place. Saliva movement is also important to neutralise acids and prevent plaque build up.

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