Playing sports: What mouthguard to use with braces?

Sports Mouthguards

Do you have braces and play contact sports that require a mouthguard?

If yes, then the chances are that you have discussed your options with your orthodontist and been turned away to purchase a standard chemist mouthguard or offered a custom fitted guard (see things to consider below).

Firstly, we are so glad that you recognise the importance of wearing a sports mouthguard over braces to keep your teeth safe. Afterall, the cost of braces is a significant investment in your teeth, so it is best to look after them. The only problem is that finding a mouthguard for braces can be limiting, difficult to find and can be expensive. View our list below of things to consider when purchasing a mouthguard for braces and we may even have the perfect solution for you.

Things to consider when purchasing a braces mouthguard from a dentist:

  • The cost of a mouthguard is generally one of the most important factors to consider. A dentist fitted mouthguard can be upwards of $200 and any significant teeth movements during your orthodontic journey may mean that you require another mouthguard to be fitted during a single season. It is best to speak with your dentist/orthodontist to establish a mouthguard plan for your entire orthodontic journey, so that you know what costs to expect.
  • Unfortunately, most dental grade mouthguards can be chunky, so adding the thickness of the mouthguard going around your braces will only make the guard feel thicker. The result: you’re less likely to want to wear the mouthguard and you may find it difficult to communicate on the field or court.
  • Mouthguard Impression. An initial dental appointment for your dentist to obtain an impression of your mouth will likely be required, which will probably lead to a higher cost and period of time needed for the mouthguard to be made. Having a dental impression is never the most fun experience either!

Things to consider when purchasing a braces mouthguard from a chemist/store:

  • Is the mouthguard you are purchasing actually designed to be used with braces? This can be an issue for two reasons. 1. The mouthguard may not be large enough to go up and over the braces, so it may not provide adequate protection. 2. The material used in some boil and bite mouthguards may not be designed for braces and may get stuck between the brackets and wires while you are trying to fit the guard (trust us…not a fun experience).
  • Not custom fit. If the sports mouthguard you are purchasing does not provide the ability to custom fit it to your teeth then it simply will not provide sufficient protection. We like to call those type of mouthguards lip bumpers as they do not provide much more protection than that and are strongly discouraged by the dental industry (although something may be better than nothing).

Our solution: Try the SISU Sports Mouthguard range. They are designed to be used with braces and can be custom fitted by your dentist/orthodontist within one appointment (no impression needed). The SISU Aero range can be sized up to a large mouthguard as well to provide extra coverage if you have a lot of hooks or attachments. The SISU Mouthguards range in price from $40-$60 and can be remoulded throughout your braces journey to make sure that it remains the exact fit needed for your teeth. If you are looking to purchase a SISU Mouthguard, then we would recommend giving your orthodontist the heads up that you would like to fit the SISU at your next check up appointment (this will make sure they are prepared for the fitting and have allowed enough time for the longer appointment). The SISU fitting should on average take no longer than 10 minutes to fit and we are always happy to answer any questions your orthodontist may have about the fitting process. If you are thinking of fitting your SISU mouthguard over braces yourself at home, then we wouldn’t recommend it and ask you stick with the professionals. The SISU guards go pliable during the fitting process, so a thin barrier (like dental wax, aluminium foil or impression guards) is needed to ensure the guard can be easily removed once it has set into place. You don’t want to be the patient that tries at home and then needs an emergency dental appointment because you missed an important step in the process.

Still not convinced? Watch this video to see just how easy it will be for your orthodontist to fit your SISU Sports Mouthguard over braces.

Our biggest tip: be organised! We recommend doing your research well in advance of when you will be needing the mouthguard. This will make sure you have the time to research the best braces sports mouthguard options and give you an opportunity to speak with your orthodontist during one of your regular check ups.

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