SOVA Max Night Guard & Bundles (2.4mm thin)

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At 2.4mm thin, the SOVA Max Night Guard is powered by Diffusix Technology and scientifically designed to protect tough grinders. At 30% thinner than other EVA guards, the non-compressible, perforated materials allow the natural flow of air and saliva to provide an immediate solution and protection to teeth grinding, TMJ and Bruxism.

CUSTOM FIT: Simply place the SOVA Max Night Guard in a bowl of hot water to start the custom-fit process at home. The SOVA guard will become pliable, so that you can easily mould your night guard to the exact custom fit for your teeth. The guard can be warn on the top or bottom teeth or both to allow for individual preferences.

REMOULDABLE: Didn’t get the fit right the first time? Simply place the SOVA Max back into hot water; it will return to its flat form. The SOVA guards are remouldable up to 20 times, so they are also ideal for anyone progressing through their aligner treatments.

DENTAL WARRANTY: Your teeth deserve an insurance policy as well, so each SOVA Night Guard comes with a 120 day durability warranty.

TALK, BREATHE & DRINK: The 2.4mm thickness and custom fit combine to ensure that you can talk, breathe and drink with ease, which will ensure a better night’s sleep.

The SOVA Max Night Guard is an adult sized guard for ages 11+ and can also be used with braces. You will need to ask your orthodontist to fit your night guard for you if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.